The pipe is insulated with a layer of glass-fiber with a thickness of 1″. The initial guess for the diameter will be: However, since the values are given in the SI system they must be converted to the English system. The first iteration will yield the following temperature values: We can apply this equation to get: A diagram of the process is shown below.

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Determine the available net positive suction head NPSH of the pump if the velocity of the water in m the pipe is of 2. Since the molecular formula transports CH3OH, the molar volume is calculated as follows: Strategy The equation for calculating the brake power of a compressor allows us to compare both adiabatic and isothermal compression processes. The heat capacities of carbon monoxide and hydrogen were obtained by linear interpolation of the data in Table 1. The following equation at steady state can be used for this case, also given in page of Incropera [3].

A schematic of the pipe is shown below: Solution Before we start applying Schmidt method, unitarrias need to determine the number of time increments we need to use.

Solucionario de Procesos de transporte y operaciones unitarias cristian Geankoplis

For the second trial, we will select: Solution First we need to determine the amount of steam and carbon dioxide in the exhaust gases d well as the amount of oxygen required by this process. Strategy In this problem, condensation will occur if the amount of heat removed by convection is higher unitarizs the latent heat of condensation of steam.


We need saved, the values of m to calculate the work performed by the compressor at both adiabatic and isothermal conditions. This can be used to determine the overall heat transfer coefficient Uo.

Solucionario de CHRISTIE GEANKOPLIS Procesos de Transporte y Operaciones Unitarias

Remember me Forgot password? Now we can solve equation 1 for the entry length Le and substitute the calculated values to yield: Since there are 10 channels, there will be 9 spaces between the cooling channels see figure below.

The dimensions of the channel are shown in the following figure: The synthesis gas is entering the reactor at a pressure of kPa and has the following properties: Hence, the work for adiabatic compression is calculated as follows: Solution We can start by performing a methane balance around the combustion chamber: Determine the partial pressure of water, humidity, saturation humidity, percentage humidity if the air has a relative humidity of 8.

Determine the temperature at the interface between the pipe and the glass fiber and the heat loss through the insulated pipe with a length of 15 m.

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Solucionario de CHRISTIE GEANKOPLIS Procesos de Transporte y Operaciones Unitarias

Some of the steam stays inside the fuel cell to keep the polymer — electrolyte membrane at an adequate humidity. The thickness of the bipolar plates in this fuel cell stack is 2 mm and it is much thicker than the membrane electrode assembly. Solution The heat loss through a cylinder with different layers is defined by the following equation: Calculate the temperature at the center of the fuel cell after 5 minutes, assuming it is insulated on W the flat unitqrias.


Strategy We can use the diffusive flux equation to calculate the flow of protons through the membrane in the fuel cell. The heat flux for nodes with an adjoining adiabat has to be multiplied by 1 because of symmetry. If we look at the stoichiometric coefficient of both chemical reactions, it can be seen that the ratio of carbon dioxide to methane in reaction 1 and the ratio carbon monoxide to methane in reaction 2 are both equal to one. The heat transfer area will depend on the number of tubes.

Keith m3 kg dry air 4 http: The fuel mixture is entering at a rate of The thermal conductivity was obtained from Appendix A.

solucionario procesos de transporte y operaciones unitarias geankoplis

Thus, it is valid to use Figure A. Solution In the basis of moles of mixture we selected, there will be 80 moles of methanol and 20 moles of water.

solucionario procesos de transporte y operaciones unitarias geankoplis

The following problem module illustrates pressure swing adsorption process for purifying hydrogen for proton — exchange membrane fuel cells. The soluionario pressure of hydrogen can be calculated using Equation 2.

The bulk thermal diffusivity of the fuel cell stack is 8. Note that we are multiplying the velocity equation by the conversion factor from hours to seconds, hence to obtain the m velocity in.